A Highly Specialised, Experienced Team

The Zenon core development team is fundamentally the same team that has worked on the Sgenia sensors. They are experienced in depth, familiar with the technology and dedicated to producing the Zenosense MRSA detector.

Together, the team have over 15 years of experience related to sensor technology development.

Our Goal?

  • Develop a MRSA Sensor
  • An Efficient Sensor
  • A cost efective Sensor
  • A livesaver sensor

Our Team

Zenon Biosystem
J. Lama, MBA, BSc

Mr. Lama is an engineer with a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science (Physics). His experience includes material engineering, solid state physics, electronics, renewable energy, the automotive industry and developing technological business.

M. Querol, MS

Mr. Querol is a mechanical engineer with a Masters of Science in Telecommunications Engineering. His experience includes market development of global solutions for Aeronautical, Naval and Defense sectors, market development of internalization strategy development and market development of industrial engineering solutions.

M. I. Gil, DEA, BSc

Ms. Gil has a Masters of Advanced Studies in Fluids Mechanics from Centro Politecnico Superior of University of Zaragoza in Spain, as well as a Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering. Ms. Gil has wide experience in sensor technologies and advanced technical and software developing.

G. Roman Perez, PhD, MAS, BSc

Mr. Perez has a PhD in Physics from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), with Cum Laude distinction. He also has a Masters of Advanced Studies in Condensed Matter Physics, a Masters in Biophysics and a Bachelor of Physics, all issued by UAM. His work has been published in several different publications and he has spoken at conferences in France, Italy, Spain and the USA.

Biochemistry Team

The team developing the Zenosense MRSA/SA sensor device includes three biologists – molecular biologists and biochemists - specializing in bacterial physiology & genetics, clinical microbiology and molecular biology. All hold relevant Ph.Ds, and two hold Masters, in disciplines highly relevant to optimizing the Zenosense sensor for the detection of MRSA/SA. The team’s combined skillset includes deep knowledge of the clinical genetics to be addressed in order to program and refine the sensor so that it can detect SA and ideally discriminate between MRSA and SA. Variously, members of the team are business (biotechnology) management qualified, have co-authored numerous scientific publications, taught as professor, have experience of the practical clinical setting in hospital and have co-invented patents for others.